Anna Maria Island has no shortage of enticements for investors, it draws an impressive number of both US and international buyers. Why are people investing on Anna Maria Island? Because it’s lucrative – Florida for one is a giant in the tourist industry and Anna Maria Island has been atop #1 vacation list for years. The stable weather, nonexistent state taxes, increasing market and promising returns are a few of the draws for people looking to create a financial venture on Anna Maria Island, FL. Both commercial and residential real estate is booming here, inclining on the charts steadily over the years, the average listing price for a rental home is about a million for a typical sized home-which on the island is about 3 bedrooms with a pool. Commercial investors enjoy a unique opportunity in a highly marketed luxury destination spot, a small radius of a 7 mile town and diversified community with tourist from all over the world excited to eat and shop the island! In peak season alone, about a 3 month period, the island is at a full capacity with vacancies being so rare they’re revered. Surrounding areas also drive a presence to Anna Maria Island for those looking to visit world famous attractions like Disney Land in Orlando, Bush Gardens in Tampa or Miami for its huge performances or sporting events but do not want to vacation the dense cities, Anna Maria Island is a day trip away and provides an oasis away from it all at the end of the day. The endeavors are opportune and endless, business owners can successfully create an enterprise on Anna Maria Island, current new comers who have thrived in under 5 years of being open include The Donut Experiment, opened on Pine and now franchised, Poppo’s Taqueria who also opened on Pine now with a multitude of locations throughout the county and big name chains are also taking notice to the flourishing community with Dunkin Donuts and Smoothie King being recent additions to Holmes Beach. To conclude, Anna Maria Island is a promising investment pick to add to your portfolio. Residential investors can easily sustain a mortgage or drive a return within the dominating rental industry and commercial investors can breathe easy when they open doors in a luxuriant town and enjoy the prosperity of Anna Maria Island. If your looking towards your next business investment contact us today, we’re seasoned professionals in the industry who can help you successfully start something great here on Anna Maria.