Holmes Beach features a great downtown, full of fun strollable space with cheerful shopping plazas, gourmet food, modern boutiques and smiling faces from all over the world coming to see some of America’s best beaches. If your needing local recommendations, maps or area information a welcoming chamber of commerce building greets downtown Holmes Beach. There are top notch restaurants and modern beach shops that offer new apparel and the latest beach gear to rent or buy! There are several downtown Holmes Beach “nooks”: an art gallery section with a very picture worthy wall mural, a business center, a café area with multiple eateries and coffee shops, late night bars, salons, and island exclusive shops like beach bazaar and that is known for their chatty exotic parrots that welcome you in when strolling the plaza. Other places include businesses for more practical needs like banking, pet care, barber shops, laundry facilities, auto repair, hardware shops and home service vendors. A full-service boat marina and upcoming Marriott hotel will be added to the areas features this year. Downtown Holmes Beach has a lot to offer in a little radius making the walkability of it easy, it’s friendly pedestrian walkways and low speed limits make it ideal for strolling with children or a day out with your 4-legged friend. The beach is a mere 4-5 blocks away which makes shopping or grabbing a bite downtown a great pit stop on the way to the water. The area has many homes for sale or vacation rentals to provide you a central location to the city! Neighboring the Island Branch public library which has many free courses is the park area, with a baseball field, several public sporting facilities and an event center where festivals are regularly held!


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