What makes the perfect setting to try out a new water sport? High water visibility, gentle tides, warm temperatures, and a nice padded shoreline would be ideal; Anna Maria checks out for all of the above and is an amazing destination choice to try all the new extreme water sports that are coming out in droves each year. New more extreme water sports include jet pack hydroflying, flyboarding, flybiking, wind surfing, kiteboarding, electric jetboarding, subscooters, seabobs and classics like blob jumping, jetskiing, water skiing, wake boarding, parasailing, catamarans, and deep sea fishing charters. The Gulf of Mexico has crystal clear water perfect for jetski’s, seabobs, subscooters, parasailing and catamarans. The Tampa Bay is your place to catch big game fish if you try out a deep sea fishing charter, bonus points for taking it to one of the local marina’s and having them turn your catch of the day into your meal of the night-SeaFood Shack and Starfish Seafood Shack both oblige. Anna Maria Sound and Palma Sola are where most go to try out jetpack hydroflying, electric jet boarding, wake boarding, water skiing and though we have not spotted a jumping blob just yet it would be a perfect addition to the myriad of water sports you can observe or try yourself along the Manatee Avenue causeway. If you are looking to test the waters out for yourself, we’ve listen some of the local water sports that you can schedule right here on The Island:



Ever wonder what it’s like to be propelled above the ocean water by a sweet new age jetpack? Flyboarding is just that, a hydropumped jetpack slowly soars you above the water as it’s powered by the jetski used to take you out into the water. The trick to this is mastering the art of hovering once your up!

PRO TRIP: Get the most bang for your buck by booking something at a group rate, it will take a few times before you get the hang of balancing yourself so a half day is the way to go, by the end of it you may be practiced enough to spin a mid-air summersault or two!


TOP GUN FLYBOARDING: (941) 565-1727




Parasailing is essentially a giant parachute that is secured to a harness swing and the rider,  a boat then pulls the parasail as it towers over the open water providing surreal arial views. Parasailing tickets are bought by the height, usually varying from 500-1200 ft.

PRO TIP: Buy or rent a go pro, you can attach it to pretty much anything sturdy enough to hold the small video camera- helmets, the harness or hand hold to capture some amazing footage to remember your trip!


YOLO ADVENTURES: (941) 792-6000


Wind Surfing

Love sailing and always wanted to try surfing? Wind surfing may be your niche. This sport combines the two, a small sail powers you atop the waterline as your standing on the attached surfboard-like base. While this sport has been big overseas row awhile now it is just making it’s splash in the US.

PRO TRIP: The bigger the board the better for beginners, start practicing accordingly and advance to a smaller board once your ready to set sail with the pro’s!


√ NORTH BEACH WINDSURFING:  (727) 656-6569


Water Skiing

This one is easy to picture, a pair of ski’s allow you to coast along the waterline while holding on the a handle and lead-line being towed by a boat or jetski. We can’t promise it’s any easier than real skiing though!

PRO TRIP: Wear a watersuite, beginners are bound to have their fare share of belly flops, minimize on the sting by renting or purchasing a suite!

THE JET SKI STORE: (727) 329-8940



It’s kind of like a sailboat but with 2 hulls, a catamaran is similar to use as well. Guided by the wind and great for the open water’s of Anna Maria Island, catamarans are a common enough rental to find along the beach. Most of the bases are mesh, ideal for laying out once you sail to a cozy enough spot on the water though you may find a cabin area in more luxurious models.

PRO TRIP: Bring sunscreen, (hats may fly off depending on the wind)eyewear and sunscreen are a must as you could be going into the direction of the sunlight and you’ll need to see to navigate. Bring the sunscreen to prevent getting a burn since this is a longer activity and your completely exposed to the sun on the open water. 


COASTAL WATERSPORTS :                           (941) 778-4969


Electronic Jet Surfing

Surfing made easy, this new water sport eliminates the need to paddle out to catch your wave. Rent one of these and cruise over to ride the surf or just cruise around the waterline as if you were using a water safe hoverboard.

PRO TRIP: Dress the same as you would for surfing, though a wetsuit is not needed in our warm waters you may get chilly if it’s windy and your zipping along the Gulf of Mexico!

√ ADVENTURE AWAY: (844) 522-6654

Deep Sea Fishing Charter

If your visiting an island you can’t go home without an epic fishing story and Anna Maria has no shortage of available charters! Miles out and under the experienced care of a captain you’ll get to do what inspires so many to visit our beaches-dropping anchor, casting you’re line, opening a cold beverage and relaxing on the Tampa Bay while you wait for dinner to swim along is the ideal lifestyle that helped found Anna Maria Island.

PRO TRIP: Bring a bag for your fish and save on a added fee, be prepared for 30-45 minutes of travel time while you get out to a spot to bait and cast your lines, listen to the crew when they instruct (it matters) and last but not least make sure to pack minimally (less is more)…eyewear, hats and boat shoes are a must!


√ CORTEZ DEEP SEA FISHING:  (941) 346-3000

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