If you’re visiting Anna Maria Island chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the aquamarine trolley careening around the roads with happy passengers smiling out the windows while being transported to their favorite island locale. The trolley is a completely free service provided by the Chamber of Commerce. All are welcomed aboard this adorable means of transportation which travels the whole run of the island, with frequent stops and pick up locations that are about 2-4 blocks apart on average. In all there are about 80 trolley pick up/drop off points with 3 main hubs at each of the public beaches (Anna Maria City Pier, Coquina Beach and Manatee Public Beach). The trolley is complete with bike racks, handicap accessibility including wheelchair lifts and a traditional trolley bell that chimes at each stop. Not only does the trolley add to the antiquated charm of Anna Maria Island it provides a reliable means of transportation that allows you to enjoy your time on the Island without the obligation of car usage, many go completely car free while in the area making use of not only the trolley system but also the golf cart friendly roads and bicycling.


  1.  What time does the trolley start to run? 

Answer • The trolley starts to run at 6 a.m.FullSizeRender (2)

2. What time does the trolley stop running? 

Answer • The trolley stops running at 10 p.m.

 3. How do I find trolley stops? 

Answer • Trolley stops are indicated by a aqua sign with a white trolley icon

        4. How often does the trolley stop? 

Answer • Approximately every 20 minutes per stop.

    5. Is there air conditioning on the trolley? 

Answer • The trolley offers both air conditioned and open air seating on each bus!

6. Is smoking allowed on the trolley? 

Answer • There is no smoking of any kind allowed on the trolley (including e-ciggs)

        7. Are pets allowed on the trolley? 

Answer • Yes, dogs that are concealed within a enclosed carrier of some sort are allowed!

Visit the Anna Maria Chamber Of Commerce for more Trolley details and to view more of their maps like the one below! 


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