With an eternal island charm, Anna Maria is uniquely ideal for residents and investors alike. Only 7 miles long and 1 mile wide the Island is easily navigated with schools, churches, venues, city parks, public facilities and ample retail/dining locations. Restrictions on high rise buildings keep the island timeless and in demand. The 3 towns are able to keep that local charm alongside a thriving tourist industry who’s numbers are progressively on the incline. The city has also seen an increase in it’s revenue, providing for constant revitalization as well as local  merchants who easily maintain successful businesses in the area. The property market value is ascending accordingly with the flourishing community, sellers are enjoying very profitable margin’s on properties with the average listing price being over $1,000,000 and a delightfully quick turn around. With an upscale clientele, a progressive community and a family friendly atmosphere the numbers are on the up and up! Contact us today to find out how your AMI dream can prosper.

AMI Real Estate has years of experience in helping buyers acquire properties and businesses in the local area. Choose us for a thorough facilitation throughout this process!


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