Nostalgic for old Florida without the outdated bungalow and barefoot pedestrian aspect that typically accompanies vintage Florida beach towns? Anna Maria Island is a haven for beach lovers looking for modern pastel cottages, upscale boutiques, nationally recognized restaurants and uncommercialized beaches where you can enjoy 7 miles of powder white shore. Imagine a coastline free of looming high rises, unshadowed by towering hotels with small and cozy streets, passing smiling bicyclist making their way to pristinly preserved nature trails and happy families trotting to the beach.  Anna Maria Island is a 7 mile island with 3 municipals: Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Anna Maria City.  Each town thrives and city progression is fueled by the steadfast tourist industry that has made Anna Maria Island a top destination spot both within the US and abroad. The island offers a wealth of opportunity for a variety of those seeking relocation here on AMI, business here enjoy quick and steady success from the food industry to small retail chains. Places like The Donut Experiment opened in 2012 and now enjoy multiple franchises along the east coast and unique niche stores do equally well like Olive Oil Outpost who’s been on Pine Avenue for nearly a decade (a very in demand and upscale boutique strip in Anna Maria City). Home owners who purchase here enjoy either year-round accessibility whilst living on one of America’s #1 beaches; part time residents enjoy a fruitful vacation rental industry and beautifully built beach houses to invest in. Below we’ll categorize the most popular reasons people consider relocating the AMI and highlight the advantages to being an Anna Maria Island home owner:


 Full Time Resident:  

Residents looking to relocate full term can look forward to enjoying an amiable communal environment and extensive on-island accessibility including an A-rated school, community center, banking options, grocery stores, pharmacies, fitness centers, summer camps, after school care, and a federally rated 5 star off island hospital (Sarasota).

Why it’s smart financially:

For starters Florida has no state income tax, no state death tax and no estate tax. Then there are the protections to your residence implemented by the Florida Homestead Act (protections against creditors & lean holders), Florida “Save Our Home” act (tax & exemption protections) and the Tenancy by the Entirety (joint ownership protections). Smaller financial advantages to factor in is all of the saved cost from the lack of snow, residents here do not need to budget for preparations for freezing temperatures nor need to worry about impact to work due to snow.

Purchasing A Future Retirement Home

Florida, for reasons cited above, is a smart and luxurious state to choose to retire in. What better location is there to clear your schedule and stick your toes in the sand? Anna Maria Island is a retiree’s paradise with a fabulous golf community, yacht marinas, sail boat yards, low speedways, a pristinely maintained community, A-rated shorelines, free island transportation (separate of the in-town county) and a conveniently small radius with everything you could need.

Why it’s smart financially:

Buying is always cheaper then renting, purchasing a home for your retirement is way more lucrative then renting a home in your destination of choice. Florida is sans retirement tax or tax to your social security benefits nor or there any inheritance tax and as cited above no state tax! If those saving aren’t enough to set your sights on the sunshine state then add in the promising revenue you’ll obtain from using your future retirement home as a vacation rental. Anna Maria Island has an extremely lucrative vacation rental industry, a high and consistent price point with exclusive availability in its small radius of tropical allure. Preparation is key, advance purchase of a home you intend to turn into your primary residence is most beneficial in the long run, with enough preparation and proper execution you can finance a vacation rental into a retirement home that has paid for itself by the time your ready to pack your bags and head to the beach!

Investment Property: Vacation or Annual

Anna Maria Island is a lucky find for those looking to invest in a rental property. Florida is a destination spot in itself and Anna Maria tops the charts for Florida travel. Secluded beaches, elegant shopping districts, and top notch eateries make the Gulf Coast an effortless destination spot and Anna Maria Island attracts an upscale and loyal travel crowd. With the area being such a cosmopolitan of world class travelers the tourism season spans the entire year, January – April is when home owners see the highest revenue and the remainder of the year never declines to the extent of some neighboring destination spots like Orlando who can experience 50% decrease in their off season market.

Why it’s smart financially:

Vacation Rentals are so lucrative they have become the majority on the island. High end investors from around the world look to obtain their very own piece of paradise and do so confidently knowing beach homes are preferable in an area with sparse beach resorts with bookable rooms. The majority of the rentable accommodations are privately owned whether it be in a water front condo community or in a family home and with the island being only 1 mile wide at most you’re home is always a short walk to the ocean.  A high number of management companies provide competitive rates if your not local and the family friendly environment and lack of bustling night life minimize the wear and tear on your investment property as opposed to other beach hot spots like Miami, FL. Annual rentals are in demand and hard to come by, a quick inquiry with any of the rental companies will provide you with possibly 1 or 2 available options if your lucky, so home owners who put their property on the annual market usually have a list of inquiries before the ink on the add has a chance to dry. Though the revenue may not be as high as with the weekly or monthly rentals, annuals still provide a generous monthly income (the average 1 bedroom has a monthly price of over $1,000) and are great for property owners who are looking to accrue revenue for future renovations or who want to wait to renovate prior to inhabiting the home.

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